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What is Best Seat in Your House?

Written by Ryan Mellish
Updated over a week ago

Designed with flexibility in mind, our innovative next step in live theatre streaming is designed to place you at the heart of the action, with each show feeling like a brand new experience.

We give you two streaming options: Director’s Chair or Director’s Cut.

Director’s Chair

Our Director’s Chair streaming option is an experience similar to sitting in the editing gallery at a television studio, where you are a camera director with control of multiple live camera streams.

By taking the Director’s Chair, YOU take control of your view of the show, as you cut between any of the cameras placed around the theatre at any time throughout the live performance. The choice is yours. Whatever your preference, your view will be complemented by a high-quality audio mix of the show.

Our future ambition is to let you tune into the behind-the-scenes action too; a chance to see how our incredible teams make the magic happen as we help demystify the live theatre-making process.

Director’s Cut

Alternatively, you can choose our Director’s Cut option. Sit back as we deliver a more traditional live edit of the show from the theatre to your screen, created with the show’s director and mixed by our production team. If you are on a mobile device, this will appear as DC on the title of the camera feed.

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